Top 3 Microgaming Casinos (Plus the Best Microsoft Bonuses to Claim)

Microgaming has quickly grown to become one of the best online casino game developers on the entire planet. The games offered by this platform are considered to be some of the best in the online casino industry, and with the chance to earn as much money as it is possible in an online casino, but most importantly, they are also some of the most entertaining out there. In fact, Microgaming titles are thought to be some of the best online casino games that you can play in terms of graphical interface. The design quality used to create these games on all fronts is second to none. The titles are developed with vanguard technology that allows the games to run smoothly on any modern device. microgaming-casinos-header-scaled.jpg

Microgaming Casino Sites - Our Top 3

Microgaming games are favorites across the online gambling industry. If you wish to try out the best online Microgaming casinos, as well as the best online casino games that they have to offer, be sure to check out this list. We’ve also provided you with the best online casino promotions that each of these casino sites has in store for you, so you can claim them and earn all of the free benefits that these sites give to every player.

3. 7Bit Casino

We start this list with one of the best bitcoin casinos on the internet, which is provided by none other than Microgaming themselves.  The 7Bit casino offers players the chance to enjoy the best online casino games and promotions created by Microgaming without having to visit any other online casinos, as it gathers everything in one place.

Play at 7Bit

7Bit might not be as prestigious as BitStarz, or as well-known as the latter, but the site does offer everything that the bitcoin giant offers as well, and makes for a good alternative to some of the world’s best online casinos.

7Bit Casino Review

We aim to give you the best 7Bit casino review on the internet, and if you wish to know why 7Bit is currently ranked amongst the best bitcoin casinos on the internet, you might want to pay the review a visit and take a quick read at it. It offers the best Microgaming titles as well as some of the best Betsoft games ever created, making it a hub for those looking to play the best table games and the best online slots. The interface of the site also works perfectly on almost any platform, so be sure to give it a try from your iPad or tablet if you have the chance – you can play games regardless of where you are.

7Bit Casino Bonus

Try out the best bitcoin bonuses of any Microgaming casino with the 7Bit bonus collection, all of which can be claimed easily by following the steps that your friends at The Casino Wizard have provided. You have the chance to claim a series of bitcoin bonuses which will see your account credited with a minimum of 1,5 BTC on each, making it one of the best sets of bitcoin bonuses on the internet.

Play at 7BitCasino

Furthermore, the 7Bit casino also offers a lot of other cool promotions and weekly rewards for people who constantly make deposits on the site and to those who stay loyal to the online casino. We’ve come across many online bitcoin casinos and tested over five of them, but the 7Bit casino bonuses come out on top as some of the best on the internet.

How to Gamble with Bitcoins

You only need to have a bitcoin wallet and access to bitcoins if you wish to gamble with them. Part of the magic of online bitcoin casinos is that they allow you to access your money rather quickly, and they guarantee fast and easy payouts thanks to the fact that they aren’t regulated by any entities whatsoever. All you must do is try out their sites and make new accounts in them. Register whichever e-wallet service you’re using or planning to use on the site, and then make a deposit directly on it. You will receive different bonuses according to how much money you wish to deposit, and bonuses also tend to vary depending on which currency you use on these sites. Bitcoin deposits often reward far more lucrative bonuses than regular money deposits, as the online casino prefers players to wager with cryptos rather than with regular cash.  It’s ultimately up to you to decide how you want to spend your time in an online casino, though.

7Bit Online Casino Games

The 7Bit casino guarantees every player access to the best online casino games on the internet. You will find live dealer games as well as one of the best online slots galleries that you will come across online. All of the games on the site can be accessed and wagered directly with bitcoins, so you don’t have to worry about using euros or dollars, or even converting the money to see how much you’re earning.

2. Mr Green Casino

The Mr Green Casino brings elegance to the table with a select set of games and bonuses that are thought to be amongst the best online casino games on the planet. Mr Green is a very recognizable name in the online casino industry that aims to spread the Irish luck across the globe, granting people the chance to play the best online casino games along the way.  

Play at Mr Green

The site supports full payment of bonuses and promotions with bank transfers as well as Visa and e-wallet services, but the Mr Green casino is also known to be one of the best online gambling entities in the world because of the size of its playerbase and the quality of its games – most of which are provided by Microgaming themselves!

Mr Green Live Casino

Mr Green offers an amazing live dealer casino that is thought to be amongst the best in the industry. Microgaming hasn’t developed any titles for their online live dealer casino, but it’s still worth noting that it adds to the overall amazing experience that you can find at the Mr Green website. Games galore and many online casino games to be found and played, the Mr Green live dealer casino is just one of the many awesome features that you’ll find in one of the best Microgaming casinos on the planet.

Mr Green Online Casino Review

The Mr. Green casino review that the Casino Wizard has written provides you with a complete explanation of what you can expect from this awesome site. Mr Green has been operating since 2008, and even though it is located in Malta, it’s still considered one of the best online casinos that the industry has to offer. The site has been growing exponentially in the last few years, but one can say that it’s already amongst the most established names in the industry. It rivals sites like Betsoft and BitStarz in prestige, and rewards are aplenty on this awesome online casino.

Mr Green Online Casino Games

There’s a massive selection of games at the Mr Green casino, all of which can be enjoyed with the amazing bonuses that we’ll tell you about in the next section of this piece. The elegant Mr Green casino website greets you with all of the reputable medals and awards that the site has been awarded thanks to their promotion of quality online casino games and services. With more than 10 years of experience making players enjoy the best online casino games, it has earned a decent amount of rewards that places it as one of the best Microgaming casinos on the planet. You can also read reviews from other players that have tried out the games of the site as soon as you visit the casino, so you can take a quick glance as to why so many people seem to love the services of the site.

Mr Green Casino Bonus

The best Mr Green bonuses are here to be found in The Casino Wizard! All you must do is pay a quick visit to our Mr Green section and claim some of the internet’s finest online casino offers. The Mr. Green casino promotions can be found by clicking the upper left corner of your screen, which will display a menu listing many options, among its promotions and other amazing games and promotions of the site.

Play at Mr Green

They also offer amazing seasonal promotions, including Christmas rewards, New Year’s prizes, Halloween gifts, and much more. Mr Green is truly a site that you’ll love to visit all year-round, so don’t miss your chance to play in one of the best Microgaming casinos in the world right now!

1. Betsson Casino

The incredible Betsson casino packs a punch when it comes to offering people a solid, reliable, and trustworthy gambling platform in which they can have a good time and make a decent profit. Betsson is an incredible online casino that has been growing massively in player-base inside the Nordic countries, and it’s quickly become one of the internet’s sweethearts when it comes to online gambling.  

Play at Betsson

The site was created by a couple of Swedish gambling experts a few years ago, and it has managed to establish a very good reputation for itself. Betsson has also become a household name thanks to advertising, which has made the site grown massively thanks to the investment made on this front.

Betsson Casino Review – Betsson Group

A thorough Betsson casino review is in due place before you get down to business and start wagering on the site. The Betsson group has been around for many a year, as it started making slot machines for casinos many years ago before evolving into the online gambling giant that it is today. The company is one of Sweden’s biggest gambling names, and the reputation that it has managed to create now makes it one of the world’s best online casinos. It also offers the best titles created by the best game developers on the online casino industry, including the best Microgaming games. All of them are fully available to be played from your browser!

Betsson Poker

Another one of Betsson’s finest aspects is the quality of its poker tables and games. Betsson offers a selection of poker tables for all players, which can be played and accessed from a special program that you can download to your computer. It has managed to become one of the largest online poker communities on the planet. The best poker games available at Betsson allow you top play with as much money as you like, using it to beat other players in one of the most heated head-to-head competitions that you’ll find on the internet. If you think you’re better than your fellow gamblers, pay a visit to Betsson and prove it!

Betsson Sportsbook

Betsson is also known to offer a fine sportsbook section, which is mainly specialized on football betting, but also allows players to enjoy the best sports in the world and wager your cash freely on all of them. If you’re a fan of sports betting, Betsson is a great place to visit. They have live events as well as eSports betting, which further increase your options and chances to win at this huge online casino!

Betsson Bonus

If you’re eager to try out the best Betsson bonuses, then you’ve come to the right place. They have an amazing match deposit bonus, which doesn’t seem as lucrative at first (you can only claim €25 with its 100% match deposit bonus), but given how low are the wagering requirements of the offer, it makes it one of the best that you can claim on any Microgaming casino on the planet. The Betsson bonuses shine not because of the amount of money or free spins that they offer, but rather because of how profitable they are. You will be able to claim bonuses depending on the section that you wager at as well, given that the casino offer sportsbook bonuses, poker bonuses, and regular casino bonuses alike!

Play at Betsson

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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