Yggdrasil extending the range of its BOOST Gamification Tools to Table Games

We all have heard of Yggdrasil, a major online casino provider that is known to create some of the best pieces of casino software in the world. The best online casinos on the planet are powered by at least one of Yggdrasil’s titles, and many use their BOOST tools to create unique games that no other site in the world is able to provide.

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The BOOST tools are a special piece of software that allows casinos to create their own unique and authentic titles as well as particular campaigns. You can use the tools to assign different prizes to each contestant, which helps each casino feel unique even though they are powered by the same engine. This is what makes Yggdrasil such a special company, and it’s what makes Yggdrasil casinos some of the finest around. The platform, however, always needs to be constantly updated in order not to fall behind with other competitors around the world. The main draw of the BOOST tools is how authentic they are and feel, but competitors are always looking to grab some ideas from those with success, and Yggdrasil knows that they have to keep updating if they want to stay relevant.

What is BOOST?

The BOOST software can be seen as a collection of tools rather than a single piece of software itself. It allows online casinos to thrive thanks to the number of features that it allows them to create. The main objective of BOOST is to promote online slots and create campaigns that make users want to visit the mand play as much as possible to earn awesome prizes. As you might have seen in the online gambling scene, some bonuses and prizes are actually promoted without any sort of in-game support. This makes it much more difficult for users to understand what they are going to win, as they don’t see the rewards that they can get in the game but they have to visit another page to check them out. This used to lead to some very poor campaigns and people didn’t use to feel as engaged with them as they did in other sites. The difficulties were apparent because online casinos often don’t make their own games, so it’s hard for them to create software that works for them or even edit the games themselves. With BOOST, online casino operators can manually edit rewards and make them appear in the games, which means that users will be able to get fully immersed with a promotion whenever it’s released. This makes each casino powered by Yggdrasil able to create some astonishing offers, as it has been done in the past. However, the main issue with BOOST is that it has always been mainly used to create promotions and campaigns for slot games. That means that you’d rarely see anything good on other games on each Yggdrasil casino, making things much more limited than they should be.

What’s Changing?

Yggdrasil has worked on a new method that allows casinos to create custom promotions and campaigns for table games. That means that BOOST will also be available to be used on each table game that Yggdrasil has to offer, making options rather unlimited for casino operators. You can expect to see many more Yggdrasil promotions in the future thanks to this! This can be done thanks to the inclusion of Prize Drops on each table game. Online casino operators will be able to use BOOST to run amazing campaigns and give people prizes while in-game in any table game made by the company! The Prize Drop feature makes it so that users can be randomly gifted stuff during the game, which can be anything that the casino operator decides to give away. The BOOST platform allows each casino to set which rewards are given to players and what triggers them, making each promotion unique and customizable by each casino. The rewards that you can earn on these Prize Drop feature rewards can be anything that the casino wants, but mainly you’ll find rewards that are strictly related to the game and the things that it has to offer. For example, some roulette games might drop you prizes such as x20 the value of your next spin. These rewards are often free of other requirements, which means that whichever you earn will be instantly credited to your account balance. It’s really as good as it gets when it comes to awesome promotions! The main goal of this is to offer players the chance to win in every round, making them feel more valued by the casino and getting more connected to the games by being on the receiving end of rewards much more consistently than before.

What Else Is There to be Expected?

The Yggdrasil software also ensures that every player gets the chance to try new things in each of their favorite games. After you’ve been playing the same titles for a while, they can get a bit repetitive and discourage you from playing them further. That can be quite troublesome as the main objective of the games is to entertain as well as to keep you winning money. With the BOOST gamification tools, your favorite games will receive the chance to be awarded missions. These missions, upon completion, will grant you incredible rewards that could bolster your account balance through the roof. They will spice things up and keep every game fresh, regardless of how many times you’ve played it in the past. Each session that you play on a game will be longer than ever before thanks to the introduction of each of these new missions and prizes. You will always feel like every gaming sessions is different and you won’t get bored with anything that the site has to offer. Part of the objective of the BOOST gamification tools is to give players the chance to keep playing for longer without having to feel like the game is running stale. You’ll be able to do whatever you want and earn the best rewards without having to worry about getting bored!

Updating BOOST and the Advantages of Gamification Tools

It has to be said that one of the main advantages of the BOOST gamification tools is that it makes it easy for the casino staff to create promotions. Promotions that don’t use BOOST or any other type of specialized software to create in-depth rewards can feel very bland, but the platform allows casino operators to create promotions inside games very easily and without any struggle whatsoever. Users can also notice how easy it is to gain access to these promotions. They are extremely accessible both for the casino hosts as well as every single member of the playerbase. They are also widely available in many parts of the world thanks to the vast number of permissions that Yggdrasil holds. If you’re a fan of bonuses, then you probably know why Yggdrasil is such a popular casino provider. The updates that Yggdrasil has planned for boost will certainly make it much easier for players to gain access to bonuses in their favorite games, and it aims to give a new range of players access to in-game bonuses. Many casino lovers tend to only play slots, and slots are the most popular type of casino game in the world. However, it would not be smart to leave others behind – and Yggdrasil know this. The addition of promotions that can be claimed by table game players is not to be understated, and it will help every casino provided by Yggdrasil to keep everyone happy. One of the main additions that people will love is the inclusion of a new VIP Roulette game, in which players will be able to claim massive promotions that will see their rewards skyrocket up to 100 times the value of a single spin – if they’re lucky enough, that is! Another awesome feature that the BOOST update has introduced is that the prizes will be able to keep people in a clear state of mind for far longer. As you might’ve experienced before, not being able to win for a while can cause a lot of stress and make the player feel hopeless at times. With these new prizes, players will be able to earn new rewards consistently, making it far easier for them to keep playing.

BOOST and Mobile Gambling

The company has also commented on the importance that the newest BOOST upgrades will have in mobile gambling. For starters, it will make every game much more accessible for people that don’t like to play on PC. The new platform allows games to function much smoother in mobile devices, and the new games developed by Yggdrasil with the help of BOOST tools also work much better there. One of the main new additions that mobile gaming will have with the latest batch of updates in which BOOST is getting improved is a new zoom-in feature for mobile devices. Most Yggdrasil games suffered from poor visuals in mobile when you forcefully zoomed them in, so now you won’t have to worry about it with the new feature in which things get clearly distributed in the screen of your device. The best thing about it is that the new additions will soon be added to the live casino of the platform as well, which means that every live dealer casino provided by Yggdrasil will see an increase in player happiness as well! In any case, the new BOOST engine will make rewards more accessible for players across all platforms and games. You’ll notice how well the mobile devices deal with prizes after the update, as the improvements are clear as day and easy to see. The system doesn’t only improve playability, it also does an amazing job at integrating every new change to the mobile services that the casino has to offer.

The Expanse and Reach of Yggdrasil and BOOST

The new changes that the company has experienced will not only serve to please the current markets and clients of the developer. You’ll also be able to play the best Yggdrasil games and obtain these new rewards in more markets than ever now that the company is getting new alliances with sites all over the world. For example, people in Spain will also have access to the new changes thanks to the association created with an online casino that operates there. Yggdrasil is also looking to expand towards new horizons and increase player satisfaction across many casinos around the world. In fact, there are new alliances being made between the developer and Czech sites to also expand towards the Balkan market. Players from all over the world will be able to enjoy the best Yggdrasil promotions and the new BOOST gamification features thanks to this. You’ll need to live in a country where Yggdrasil games are accepted, though, so be sure to check out the licenses that the casino has in order to determine if you’ll be able to play as intended. Yggdrasil has always acted with confidence with the creation of these new changes to the BOOST engine. In fact, the company’s CEO has stated that they trust almost blindly that they will be received in a positive way, with people from all over the world being able to enjoy them and earn rewards as they play regularly their favorite games. Not all changes of the platform are scheduled to be finished in 2019, though. The company has also stated that some of the improvements will be live by the beginning of 2020. Many new games that will be available to be edited with the BOOST gamification tools are set to be released by early 2020, so players might need to be a bit patient in this regard! In any case, the company promises that it will be worth the wait – new games and new opportunities await those who dare to play in any Yggdrasil-powered casino!

Last updated  June 28, 2021
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