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Are you trying to find the best casinos in Finland in 2022? We know the answer is yes, and you don’t have to look for them any further. Play in any of the casinos that made it to our list of recommended Finland casinos and give yourself the ability to play the best casino games with incredible welcome bonuses to claim from the minute you start your trip!

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Online Casinos & Gambling Finland

The practice of online gambling in Finland is not penalized by the law, which makes many online casinos see the Finnish market as one of their top priorities given how wealthy the country is in general. There are many online gamblers in Finland, and the country’s online casino market keeps growing by the day both in terms of demand and in terms of offer.

However, online gambling in Finland has not always been legal. There are many laws that still have restrictions placed upon online gambling practices and there are certain things that can’t be done in Finland, but that they can be done in other countries. In any case, online casinos in Finland offer plenty of room for players to go and have some fun, wager some cash, and relax after a long day’s work.

The main question that we see people asking is whether online gambling is legal in Finland. Believe it or not, online gambling in Finland isn’t a cause to get a player prosecuted by the law, but that doesn’t mean that everything is legal either. Some of the laws that we’ve researched can be very detrimental for online gamblers in other parts of the world.

The main cause of this is that the state has a gambling monopoly placed upon most companies, which doesn’t allow new online casinos or even land-based casinos to flourish as freely as they do in other countries. This is just a small setback in a country where online gambling is so popular, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find online casinos in Finland.

We do recommend, however, taking a quick look at the story of online gambling in Finland so you can get a better idea of what to expect when gambling in the country or how the games and casinos have evolved throughout the years.

Online Gambling in Finland – How it Began

Online gambling in Finland was actually legalized many years ago. It was in 1996 when the first online casino games started showing up in the country thanks to a government law that allowed a local company to offer their land-based games on the world-wide web. Ever since then, however, it has been tough for new companies to fight the monopoly.

The online casino industry in Finland began by offering the services of local online casinos to people from all corners of the country. Thus, the government has made it quite clear that they want their citizens to participate in online gambling activities as long as they are hosted within the country itself.

As years passed, online gambling became a sensation amongst Finish people and many people from all over the country are now concurrent gamblers in many of the world’s most popular online casinos. As such, the best online casinos in Finland are not limited to being the best casinos Finland has to offer – sites from all over the world are constantly being visited by gamblers that live in the country.

This is actually quite an issue when you look at the small print. The laws state that players are restricted to playing in local online casinos only, which means that those who visit international sites might get in trouble. This, even though it’s the law, it’s not as necessarily true as it might sound at first. Let’s take a better look at why this happens.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Finland?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Finland. That’s why you’ll often find so many online casinos that allow players from Finland to participate and enjoy the best services that they have to offer, as well as the best welcome bonuses and other great promotions that they have at their disposal.

The main and biggest online casinos in Finland are, however, online casinos that are hosted locally in the country. Many citizens prefer to play in these sites because there’s a jurisdiction in place that makes it illegal for foreign online casinos to operate within Finish territory, as a license is required in order to do so. This rule is, thankfully, never enforced, which means that you can play in other online casinos if you wish.

It’s still important to keep in mind that visiting online casinos from Ireland, for example, is not something that you can be bragging around if you live in Finland. You don’t need to use a VPN or a proxy to access foreign online casinos, but you might be better off not telling people who enforce laws about your activities in some of these popular online casinos.

Gambling Caveats in Finland

In any case, even though on paper it’s illegal to gamble in foreign online casinos in Finland, you can also do so freely without having the fear of getting in trouble. You might notice how many online casinos offer services in Finish, Swedish, and even Norwegian, even though most of these countries have restrictions that don’t allow online casinos to operate without special licenses.

This is because players from the country are free to do whatever they want with their cash and are not being constantly monitored by authorities when they make foreign transfers. This allows people to act however they want when it comes to online gambling, so visiting foreign casinos is always in the cards. That’s why the best online casinos abroad are also ranked as the best Finland online casinos (and they have the best bonuses, too!) – you can go and deposit euros on them and claim the best casino promotions if you wish!

Online Casinos Finland – The Economic Importance to the Country

Even though online gambling in Finland is a pretty big activity, its revenue is not one of the main sources of income in the country, unlike gambling is in Malta, for example. In any case, the best online casinos in Finland are often associated with land-based casino brands, exactly because of the monopoly issue that we were talking about earlier.

As such, the main source of income of these casinos still tends to be their land-based locations, as online revenue isn’t as big as it is the one generated by local customers visiting their establishments. In any case, online gambling plays a key role in the world of online gambling in Finland, as it allows players from all over the country to see what they can expect from the physical casinos that host their services online.

Foreign online casinos in Finland don’t directly contribute to the country’s economy, and since they aren’t getting any licensing permits from the government, they operate in a way in which it doesn’t benefit the country whatsoever.

Why would Finland gamblers play in online casinos from abroad rather than in local casinos or even local online casinos? Well, the reasoning is quite simple – online casinos in Finland don’t offer as many games as some of the world’s biggest online casinos that offer access to Finish players.

The best online casinos Finland players can access are sites hosted by major gambling enterprises, that have licenses to operate some of the best online casino games in the world. For example, casinos like Jackpot City or even the world-renown 888 Casino have licensing rights to Evo Gaming and Net Ent, two of the world’s biggest online casino developers.

Features in Online Casinos Finland

As you can imagine, players who prefer to visit online casinos hosted abroad tend to have a wider range of options available in contrast to those who would just rather visit the best online casinos within Finland itself. We’re not here to argue which sites are better, as we’re certain than abroad online casinos are superior to those you’ll find in Finland.

We just want to guide you through the best online casinos Finland players can access and tell you everything that you can expect from any of these online casinos so you can be prepared to have the best experienced that you possibly can. Just be sure to pick any online casino from the list that we’ve provided on this page and you can rest assured that your experience will be a pleasant one.

Live Dealer Casinos in Finland

If there’s one thing that we often recommend to Finish players that visit casinos from abroad, that is to try out the live dealer games and live dealer casinos that most online casinos in Finland can’t offer to players because of local rights and laws. We know that many people from Finland are aching to try out the best live dealer games but their local casinos don’t allow them to do so.

As such, the best live dealer casinos are often unknown to people from Finland. We can assure you that you’ll absolutely love the Evo Gaming live dealer games, as they have been widely ranked as some of the best online casino games on the internet.

If you wish to try out the feel of a land-based casino without having to leave the comfort of your home, then you’ll want to give this provider a shot. They really make some amazing live dealer games, and you can check them out by visiting any of the online casinos that we’ve provided on this page – most of them have access to live dealer games, and they are all provided by Evo Gaming themselves.

Online Casino Bonuses Finland

Even though you might struggle to find online casinos that pay directly in a Nordic currency such as Swedish crowns, you won’t struggle at all to find casinos that offer payments in Euros. In fact, every single online casino that you’ll find here at The Casino Wizard offers payment in euros, so you’ll be able to deposit money in your bank account without having to pay any exchange fees.

That’s not all – the best online casinos that we’ve ranked here also offer the most lucrative online casino bonuses that we’ve come across - including no deposit bonuses and free spin bonuses. If you wish to try out the best online slots in Finland with free spins or free bonus money, go ahead and visit any of these sites. But hold on! Check out our bonus section at The Casino Wizard – we also give you access to the best online casino bonuses on those sites!

Finland Online Casino Games

Other than live dealer games, you can also rest assured that you’ll find the best online casino games in general if you want to wager in Finland.

The best online casinos in Finland offer some of the best online casino games that you’ll find on the internet. It truly doesn’t matter what type of game you prefer – you’ll find it in Finland online casinos, hands down. Poker, blackjack, videopoker, roulette, slots, and many more online casino games – all in one place!

Thankfully, you can access fantastic high roller casinos in Finland thanks to the country's wide range of casino games with high limits.

Mobile Casinos Finland

Don’t worry, we know that you probably want to try out the best online casino games using your phone or take your gambling with you wherever you go. We also know, from experience, how difficult it is to find online casinos that claim to be mobile but that they actually are and function well in mobile devices.

In fact, one of the main issues that we encounter with online casinos is that some of them claim to be mobile but the sites aren’t as optimized as they should be. The best mobile casinos Finland offers are optimized for mobile devices, and you can find the best ones on this page.

Best Finland Online Casinos

Alright, we know that you’re eager to play after everything you’ve read so far. So, without any further ado, we would like to give you a quick summary of the best online casinos in Finland that you can play right now. Check out the other ones ranked at the top of this page too - we have everything here, ranging from the best bitcoin casinos in Finland to sites with some of the best bonuses in the world.

Last updated  July 26, 2022

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