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Visit the best casinos in Norway and discover the iGaming magic of playing casino slots in one of the world’s largest gambling markets. Our full list of the best recommended Norway casinos in 2024 will take you through websites that will provide you with the chance to claim bonuses and play the best casino games from day one and onwards. Choose your welcome bonus and play now!

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Online Gambling in Norway

Even though local gambling is not seen as exactly legal under Norway jurisdictions, you can rest assured that online gambling on the country is one of the most popular activities that punters like to perform here. There are actually hundreds of online gamblers on Norway, and with many real money online casinos willing to offer services on the country, it’s only natural that there are some sorts of regulations imposed.

However, it’s surprising to see how free people are to use their money on online casinos if that’s what they want. Norway has a lot of laws in place that regulate land-based casinos as everything inside the country’s jurisdiction is subjected to scrutiny of the gambling authorities of the country. This is done mainly to prevent those who are the most susceptible to becoming addicts from actually falling in the clutches of companies that aren’t caring for the well-being of citizens.

In fact, land-based gambling has been largely illegalized unless it passes the scrutiny of the gambling authorities of Norway.

As such, one of the main restrictions that new gambling companies need to deal with is the fact that there’s a monopoly on who can impose and create casinos in Norwegian society. The government has allowed to main companies to flourish under these restrictions, and all other companies are not permitted to open gambling establishments in the country.

This has led many Norwegians towards online casinos, which is why online sites are so popular in the country. You will find hundreds of online casino bonuses if you are from Norway or if you live there, as many casinos like to target the audience of the country with amazing promotions, welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and many other incredible casino benefits.

Online Poker in Norway

If you’re a Norwegian gambler, chances are that you also love poker. Some of the world’s finest poker players have emerged from the Nordic lands of this country, and with hundreds of sites offering poker tables online, it’s only natural that many Norwegians enjoy playing online poker like no other country does.

As such, it’s important for most Norwegian players to have access to online poker tables whenever they register on a new online casino.

That’s why many online casinos that operate in the Nordic countries have so many Norwegian players in their poker tables. This is a very popular casino game and the most played table game in the country, surpassing blackjack and roulette by a landslide.

In any case, you’ll be pleased to know that most of the online casinos that operate in Norway have poker tables available for players. Rest assured that your money will be well kept as long as you play in any of the online casinos that we have available for you on The Casino Wizard.

Online Casino Operators in Norway

Even though it has been illegal for foreign operators to work on the country, there are many Norwegian gamblers that have been able to wager their cash on foreign websites thanks to certain leniencies in the laws. For example, the fact that many people can use cryptos to wager abroad has opened up a lot of doors to gamblers in the country to play without breaking the law. It's also made even easier thanks to the bitcoin casinos that are available in Norway.

However, there are also many legislations that are being considered in Norway to make operators from foreign countries able to operate more freely in Norway. Some companies are also able to operate here because they are registered in the country and are, therefore, available to offer services to players from Norway.

In any case, as long as you find a website that says that they accept players from Norway, you won’t be the one who’ll have an issue. If anything, it’s the operator’s responsibility to keep themselves away from trouble. You can just log into a site and claim promotions as freely as you want if that’s what the website tells you that you can do.

Keep in mind, however, that the Norwegian government has attempted to create a monopoly in the gambling market to keep regulations far easier to control inside the country. As such, some players might struggle to find good places to wager legally in the country.

Features - Online Casinos Norway

Most online casinos in Norway follow a pattern of features that they tend to offer to their players. You should keep an eye out for online casinos that offer features that make you happy as a player, but you can rest assured that most of the online casinos in Norway are sure to offer the finest online casino features on Earth. In any case, we’re going to list things that you should look for in online casinos.

Payment Methods and Withdrawal Methods in Norway Online Casinos

The most common types of payment methods used in Norwegian casinos tend to be regulated types of currency used in the Nordic countries. As such, you’ll find many online casinos in Norway that allow players to pay with Swedish crowns or even with the official currency of Finland. Nordic countries tend to be targeted as one group in online gambling, and they are treated as a single and large online market.

Since Nordic countries tend to move a lot of money, this also means that you can expect to find many of the world's best high roller casinos in Norway.

Many Norwegian players also like to play in some of the world’s best online casinos that deal with bitcoins and other types of cryptos. The use and investment of cryptos have been growing by the day in Norway, even when the bitcoin price became stagnant for a time. As such, hundreds of Norwegian gamblers are now using cryptos to wager online.

Euros are also widely accepted on most Norwegian casinos, as well as dollars. If you happen to have a good exchange rate in your bank in Norway, you might want to change some of your kronors into dollars and then wager with the money directly on the casino. Bonus can be taken advantage of by using this method, and then you can cash out the money in dollars and change it back to kronors.

Online Casino Games in Norway

Most of the Online Casino games that you’ll find in Norway are also available in most other countries in the world. However, this also means that there aren’t any restrictions imposed by online casino game developers on the Nordic market. Most games created by the finest of online companies are available to be played in Norway.

You should keep an eye out for online casinos that offer Evo Gaming services if you’re after poker as most of the Norwegian market seems to be. They have some of the world’s best poker tables with leave dealers on the Internet, so you can rest assured that you’ll have the best poker games at your disposal as well.

Casinos with head-to-head tables are also a priority if you wish to play against others. Sites like LeoVegas and Casumo might be some of the best online casinos in Norway that you can visit today.

Language in Online Casinos in Norway

Even though most of the Norwegian gambling market has a good command of the English language, you’ll be pleased to know that most online casinos in Norway are exclusively targeting the Nordic market. As such, it’s very common to find online casinos in Norway that offer support for the Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, and Danish languages.

Worry not, you’ll be able to see which languages are supported as soon as you open a new website. Keep in mind that English translations tend to be the best ones on every online site, but given how well the language is commanded in the Nordic countries, most Nordic language translations are also done with a high level of quality.

Best Online Casinos in Norway

Some of the best online casinos in the world are also able to operate in Norway! You’ll also find that some online casinos offer incredible promotions that are exclusive to those who live in Nordic countries. Some promotions are mainly offered in euros, but you’ll also be able to find other promotions that are directly given away in crowns.

In any case, the list of online casinos that we’ll provide you here have all been offering services to Norwegian players from years, even with the strict regulations that the country has imposed upon foreign companies operating in the country. There are always legal loopholes, after all, and it has allowed these online casinos to shine in an otherwise crowded but monopolized market.

These sites, if you use a VPN, allow you to claim fantastic no deposit bonuses and free spin bonuses to spend them in any way you like.

Keep in mind that these websites are not all hosted inside of Norway, but they do hold reputable licenses that have made theme some of the world’s most played and enjoyed online casinos. If quality is what you’re after, check out the review scores of the Norwegian online casinos on this page.

Last updated  May 20, 2024

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