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Mount Gold Casino (No) Deposit Bonus

Mount Gold Casino
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: None T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: None

Discover the Best Real Cashback Mount Gold Bonuses!

The Mount Gold Casino is one of the best online casinos for cashback bonuses on the internet. The site also offers some free spins that you’ll be able to enjoy in some of the best games that the site has to offer, but the Mount Gold Casino bonuses have something that you’ll notice: there’s not a welcome bonus on sight.


The bold approach of not including a welcome bonus on the casino is one that many could claim as insane, but you’ll see why the Mount Gold Casino is worth paying a visit to even if the site lacks a new player incentive for newly registered accounts.

As things stand, there aren’t many Mount Gold bonuses on the casino – and we don’t expect them to be anytime soon.

On this page, you’ll find out why this online casino is one of the best online casinos that you can visit even when it lacks a payment scheme for new players.

Mount Gold Casino Bonus – Quick Overview

1. Mount Gold Casino 10% Real Cashback Bonus – ACTIVE

The Mount Gold Casino 10% cashback bonus is the flagship offering of the casino. Yes, that means that the site doesn’t have a welcome bonus. Yes, we still think that it’s completely worth it – and we know that you’ll love it. Get 10% wager-free casino cashback bonuses over your losses over the course of a week and do it as many times as you want at the Mount Gold Casino!

2. Game of the Week Promo – ACTIVE

The Game of the Week Mount Gold promotion pits on a virtual battle against some of the casino’s finest players. You will have to compete against other people to see who earns more money in a selected online slot (it changes every week), and the winner takes it all: a €1,000 prize that is sure to inject your account with unreal cash prizes!

Mount Gold Casino Bonuses Explained

The Mount Gold Casino has made it quite easy for players to pick a bonus that they like and stick to it. There are only a couple of bonuses found at the casino and we don’t expect that number to change soon. In fact, we’d be surprised if it ever changed.

We usually go over all types of bonuses on an online casino and tell you how they work, but the Mount Gold bonuses are very self-explanatory. All you need to do is play your favorite games at the casino and you’ll qualify for the promotions. It’s really easy, honestly.

The casino cashback bonus allows you to earn 10% of your lost money back, as long as you’ve lost in on certain games

The Game of the Week bonus provides you with €1,000 in free cash if you do better than your peers in the site’s most-played casino games

How to Spend Your Mount Gold Casino Bonuses?

The Mount Gold Casino is a fantastic website to visit and claim the best bonuses that the internet has seen in recent times, even if they aren’t as overloaded in rewards as other casino bonuses. However, there are ways to maximize your profits from the casino if you use your money the right way.

These are our tips on how to get Mount Gold casino bonuses quicker and use them more efficiently than other players:

Stick to playing online slots and contest games if you’re going to be using the cashback bonus benefits. Other games do not qualify for the offer

Try to play online slots with high RTP with the cashback money to maximize your returns

Play the Game of the Week slot as much as you can, as you will be qualifying for the cashback bonus and the chance to win €1000 altogether!

Remember that the site doesn’t really house a lot of promotions, which means that doing a few simple things will result in you obtaining the best results possible and gather all prizes at once. It’s an easy feat, but take into consideration the RTP of the Game of the Week and see if it’s worth playing it.

General Mount Gold Casino Terms and Conditions

All of the bonuses found at the Mount Gold Casino are subjected to rather similar terms and conditions, which means that you just need to learn the general rules of the casino bonuses before you can dive straight into the Mount Gold action.

Let us warn you of one thing before we tell you about the conditions: you’ll be surprised to see just how lenient they are. You have a right to be surprised, but we can also tell you that the rules are indeed as good as they seem.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements of the Mount Gold Casino are non-existent. You don’t really need to spend any money that you earn, as you can simply withdraw it as soon as you receive it. This applies to all promotions, not just the Mount Gold real cashback bonus.

For example, the Game of the Week promo allows you to earn real money as part of the casino prizes. Other promotions that aren’t active yet are sure to follow the same rules, so don’t you worry about it and play, win, and claim your cash as soon as it’s in your account!

Bonus Money Usage

One of the main benefits of the Mount Gold Casino is that you can do basically anything that you want with the bonus money that you’ll receive. In fact, it’s not even fair to call it bonus money; let us just refer to the cashback profits as “money”, seeing as how the cash can literally be withdrawn into your account almost as soon as you receive it.

Wondering how much money you need to spend if you happen to receive the €1,000 reward from the Game of the Week promo? Don’t wonder anymore: it’s also wager-free. This casino allows you to instantly withdraw all cash that you get as part of promotional offers.

Last updated  August 25, 2023

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