Online casinos that pay in Indian Rupees

Indian gamblers, have you ever wondered why some of your friends are wagering with euros and dollars instead of rupees? We have as well! So, we’ve created a small guide to help you understand everything you need to know about the best online casinos that pay in rupees so you can have access to your money directly from your casino account – no conversion fees required!

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Admittedly, not many of the world’s best online casinos offer payments in rupees, and it’s much easier to find online websites that allow players to wager from India but using euros and dollars instead of your local currency.

Worry not, though. We’ve compiled a list of the best online casinos that allow players to wager directly in rupees, so you can make withdrawals and deposits without paying extra fees. These are the best online casinos that pay out in Indian rupees!

Online Casinos in India

The best online casinos in India, as weird as it may sound, are not always hosted in India. In fact, the best online casinos in the world tend to be hosted in countries such as Malta or Curacao, but they get licenses to operate all over the world once they get to be reputable enough.


In any case, these online casinos will take you on a trip through the planet with some of the best online casino promotions that you’ll find on the internet. All of these online casinos are fully supported in India and allow you to claim offers in rupees!

Casino Bonuses in India

The best casino bonuses in India are hosted on these online casinos. In most cases, you’ll be able to claim all of the promotions given by these casinos directly in rupees, so you don’t have to pay any conversion fees. Do keep in mind, however, that these online casinos are almost as good as it gets in India – you might not find more lucrative sites than the ones we’ve presented here.

Online Gambling in India – Is Online Gambling Legal in India?

Online gambling is legal in India, which means that you can play in any of these online casinos without having to worry about the legitimacy of your money usage. As such, you can choose how much cash you want to spend on these websites as you would on your regular day-to-day life, so you don’t have to worry about any authorities coming after you if you win too much.

We’ve also included one of the best bitcoin casinos on this list, which also happens to be one of the best casinos in India that accepts rupees as payment!

BitStarz Casino

We start this list with the amazing BitStarz casino, which offers payments in rupee as well as bitcoins and other sorts of cryptos. This is the bitcoin casino that we just told you about, and we know how much it is loved by people from all corners of Earth.


This amazing online casino truly packs a punch with a huge plethora of offers, amongst which you’ll find some of the best bitcoin welcome bonuses that you’ll come across in your lifetime. Stay tuned for more info on this!

BitStarz is a fan-favorite and one of the pioneers of bitcoin gambling, and they have now adapted to receive many other types of currency. Rupees are fully supported on the site!

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Payments and Withdrawals in BitStarz

As you might imagine, it’s quite easy to make payments and withdrawals in the BitStarz casino, mainly because of the fact that the site offers many methods for players of all over the world. Rupees are accepted, which means that you can use bank transfers or credit card payments if you so desire. It’s up to you.

However, the main selling point of this online casino is that you get to wager using bitcoins. If you own a bitcoin wallet and you wish to play online, why not give this site a shot? It’s truly rewarding and you can withdraw the money in rupees afterwards!

BitStarz Casino Games

The game library at the BitStarz casino is just too good to not give it a shot. Most online casinos thrive under their slot games selections, but the BitStarz website packs a massive punch with the variety of online casino games that it has in store for every player. Table games, videopoker, blackjack, and many other amazing titles are all there to be found and played in the massive game catalog of the BitStarz online casino. Wager in rupees or bitcoins, no matter the game!

BitStarz Online Casino Bonuses

The best online casino bonuses at BitStarz are yours for the taking! This online casino has made a massive reputation for itself as it offers up to 5BTC on free bonus cash by just making a few deposits on the site after making an account. That makes the BitStarz casino one of the most lucrative online casinos on Earth.

BitStarz-Bonuses-640-400 Play at BitStarz Casino

You can also choose to earn less money in each bonus but claim it directly on rupees or euros. However, the best way to use these bonuses is to deposit money directly on BTC. Options are there for you to choose them, though, so fear not – the BitStarz casino is ready to give every player whatever they need!

BitStarz Features – Why Choose BitStarz

If what you’ve read so far isn’t enough to convince you about the qualities of the BitStarz casino, then you should take a look at the casino’s amazing mobile design. This, combined with the quality of games that the website offers to every player, is more than enough to make it one of the best casinos in the world, let alone one of the best casinos in India.

If you’re a mobile online gambler, then wager your cryptos using the services of the amazing BitStarz casino. We know you won’t regret it – and they know it too!

LeoVegas Casino

Take a digital trip to the gambling capital of America with the LeoVegas casino and enjoy yourself like you haven’t in a long time. If you don’t wish to leave India but at the same time you want to visit Las Vegas, then rejoice, there’s a middle ground that you can find. The LeoVegas casino takes you across the globe with an amazing set of online casino promotions and bonuses that will truly make you feel like a world-class gambler visiting the States.

LeoVegas-Casino-Betting-Finger-Smartphone-1236-668 Play at LeoVegas Casino

It’s one of the best and better-known online casinos that accept rupees, and there’s no better place for you to visit if you want to gamble on mobile devices, as it’s one of the best mobile casinos as well!

Payments and Withdrawals in LeoVegas

LeoVegas doesn’t offer as many payment options as the other two online casinos on this list, but you can rest assured that traditional bank transfers using rupees and euros are fully supported by the online casino. Payments tend to get processed quite quickly as well, so they do have that edge over other online sites that take over two weeks to process payments and withdrawals.

In any case, as long as you’re going to use your rupees to wager, you should consider visiting the LeoVegas casino. We’re sure that you won’t regret doing it!

LeoVegas Casino Games

LeoVegas excels on two main fronts. The first game advantage that they have over other casinos is their selection of online slots, which is rather amazingly large if you ask us. The second thing that they have is one of the best live dealer casinos that we’ve come across. The casino itself is extremely complete, and the only thing we could ask of the LeoVegas staff is to add a sportsbook section, which is missing from their services.

All of their games are mobile compatible, so you can take the casino with you regardless of where you go.  That’s one more bonus point for you to put in the LeoVegas’ list of things you’ll love!

LeoVegas Online Casino Bonuses

LeoVegas comes packed with a ton of highly-lucrative bonuses that let you enjoy your time on the casino much better than you would if you just deposited your money on it. You will find some amazing free spin bonuses that pack your account with as many free spins as you could possibly want, and then you can use the money generated with these spins to try out the best online casino games that the site has to offer.

You’ll get presented with a win/win scenario when making your first deposit on the site, so if you have a few rupees to spare, be sure to spend them at this amazing online casino!

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LeoVegas Features – Why Choose LeoVegas

Honestly, why not? The King of Mobile Gambling packs a punch with a ton of offers, amazing games, and the best online casino features that you could ask for. The only reason as to why you might not want to visit this online casino is if you wanted to wager on a sportsbook, but even then, you might want to give the rest of the games on this site a try.

Free spins galore and mobile games aplenty, the LeoVegas website has everything you need to be a successful gambler in one of the best online casinos that you’ll find on the internet!

Rizk Casino

Take your chances at the amazingly colorful Rizk Casino and find out how fortunate you are that they offer payments in rupees. Apart from having one of the best mascots in the entire gambling industry, the Rizk casino comes with as many games and promotions as you could possibly wish for. This online casino accepts payments in rupees, which makes it one of the best casinos in India by a landslide.

Rizk-Casino-main-640-400-3 Play at Rizk Casino

Payments and Withdrawals in the Rizk Casino

The Rizk Casino makes your life simple with a variety of payment and withdrawal options, which allow you to get your money in your bank account much quicker than you can in any other online casino. You can also get down to business in an instant, as you can simply make a direct transfer from your bank account to the casino in rupees, making the gambling process a much quicker one to reach!

Rizk Casino Games

The Rizk Casino has a lot of cool online games, but the best thing about this site is how they are distributed. You won’t struggle to navigate through the menus of the Rizk Casino, and you’ll be able to access all of the games without having to enter various menus. Everything seems to be quite well organized, which definitely helps with making your experience a much more fun and entertaining one.

Table games, live dealer games, and the best slots on the internet. You can play them all in one of the best online casinos that pay out in rupees!

Rizk Online Casino Bonuses

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the Rizk Casino bonuses are as good as they get. You can earn over €200 for free by simply making a deposit on this amazing online casino, and what’s even better is that you can spend them wherever you want to spend them. Limitations are not too many in the Rizk Casino, and the bonuses that they have are an ideal companion to these amazing rules.


Just be sure to claim all of the welcome promotions of the site and enjoy them as you go – they are all first-time only offers!

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Rizk Features – Why Choose Rizk

The Rizk Casino is great for people who seek to play in a relaxed environment. Stay away from the stress that many other online casinos induce on their players by simply paying a quick visit to the Rizk Casino to see what it has to offer. It’s one of our favorite online gambling sites, and the fact that you get to play on it using rupees is one of the many advantages that this online casino has in store for you!

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