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How to Make the Best of the Captain Spins Casino VIP Club

The Captain Spins Casino VIP Club, also called the VIP Honors Club, takes the loyalty experience to another level and makes players truly appreciate the time that they spend at this fantastic casino site. We’ve all seen how easy it is to be part of a reward’s program in other online casinos, but Captain Spins makes you work for the chance to join – but worry not, the rewards are more than worth it.

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If you’re keen to learn how to join the Captain Spins loyalty program, then stay with us across this article and learn why this online casino is one of the very best to become a loyal player of.

What is the Captain Spins VIP Club?

The Captain Spins Casino VIP program is this online casino’s way of rewarding loyal players. It consists of four different levels, each with its own set of rewards, and with each offering the chance for players to claim free spins, free cash, deposit bonuses, custom bonuses, and more.

Unlike other online casinos, you won’t be able to freely participate in the Captain Spins loyalty program, hence making it honor the name of the VIP club unlike it happens in other sites.

How to Become a Captain Spins VIP Member?

The only way to become part of the Captain Spins Casino loyal members club is by invitation. It may look like a daunting task at first, but don’t worry: you don’t need to be a millionaire high roller in order to claim the rewards, as you can earn yourself an invitation ticket just by gambling for a bit in the Captain Spins Casino.

Keep in mind that you do need to wager a fair bit in the casino before getting invited, so keep your eyes peeled and look for that invitation email at your registered address.

Games to Play to Level Up Your Captain Spins VIP Standing

One of the best aspects of the Captain Spins Casino is that you can play almost any game found at the site and do so with the opportunity to collect points and claim extra rewards. However, not all games offer the same progression rates towards the bonus point collection at Captain Spins.

These are the game contribution rates. Choose wisely what to play in order to collect more points than your peers. These are the points that you will receive after wagering €10 in each respective game type:

  • Roulette 0.25
  • Live Casino Games 0.25
  • Blackjack 0.5
  • Scratchcards 2
  • Slots 2
captain spins welcome bonus
Claim the site's welcome bonus to earn extra rewards as you progress through the ranks

VIP Rewards at Captain Spins – All Prizes Explained

You know how the program works, but now, we’ve reached the most important part of the guide – the art where we teach you how every reward of the program works!

Depending on the rank that you manage to achieve at the Captain Spins Casino VIP Club, the rewards that you will earn vary. Each rank houses similar rewards, but higher ranks offer increased prizes for each category. Let’s take a look at the rewards that you can claim with this VIP program:

  • Welcome rewards: Each time that you reach a new rank, you will be able to collect rewards that range from €150 to €1,200
  • Status rewards: Not only will you be rewarded for reaching a rank, but Captain Spins also gives you prizes for holding onto one. Get prizes that range from €60 to €550 just by remaining part of the site’s loyalty program
  • VIP Teams: Get customer rewards and personalized support courtesy of the site’s staff. They will help you with your bankroll and award bonuses depending on your rank at the casino, the latter which
  • Cashback bonuses: Qualify for cashback bonuses of up to 15% by playing at the casino and increasing your VIP rank
  • The last two ranks of the program also qualify for custom gifts, whilst members of the final rank get special invites to events and other fantastic rewards!

Captain Spins VIP Club Terms and Conditions

Let’s take a look at the most important terms and conditions of the Captain Spins Casino VIP program before you go and register at the casino. It’s important to understand the bonus rules of the offer so you can take total advantage of the promotion and avoid making mistakes that could cost you dearly in your quest to cash out those prizes.

These are all the must-know terms and conditions of the Captain Spins Casino VIP Club:

  • You can only access the program by invitation. Play and progress to receive your invite via email
  • Loyalty points may only be redeemed after having earned at least 1,000. You can only redeem a minimum of 1k points, too
  • You will collect points based on how much money you wager at the casino, and which games you play. Not all games contribute equally to the collection of bonus points
  • You can convert 1,000 bonus points into $5 in bonus cash and the rate remains the same unless otherwise stated.

Climb Your Way Towards the Captain’s Chair at Captain Spins

We’ll never get tired of praising online casino VIP programs with rewards that are truly worth your money, which is why we’ve decided to dedicate some of our time to writing this Captain Spins VIP program guide.

Not only will you see the benefits of spending money on this website with the daily rewards program that the site hosts, but the VIP program adds to the experience to give loyal players even more chances of earning fantastic prizes.

Create your account at the Captain Spins Casino, make a deposit, and set yourself on the path toward success while collecting points to increase your rank within the Captain Spins’ loyalty program. Become part of the captain’s crew and reap the rewards of this fantastic online casino program!

Last updated  April 15, 2022
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