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Online gambling in Pennsylvania is actually pretty new. The gambling commission of the state was created far more recently than the one in New Jersey, and now people from PA are able to wager both in online as well as in land-based casinos without having to fear for breaking the law. However, given that online gambling in Pennsylvania is quite a new practice, you might struggle to find online casinos that offer their services within the state. They’re pretty late to the party, after all, and many online casinos were already established when the practice became popular in the state. It’s not easy to get a license either, which makes some online casinos opt out of offering their services in PA. In any case, we know that many of our readers from PA struggle to find the best online casino in Pennsylvania, or even ask themselves if online gambling is legal in the state. We don’t want you to jump around articles looking for all the answers, so we’ve created a thorough and complete guide to online gambling in Pennsylvania, so you can get all of your info from a single and trusted source!

Gambling Laws in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania was the fourth US state where online gambling became a legal practice. Apart from Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, the only other state in which you can gamble online without having to fear for the safety of your cash or the legality of your actions is in Pennsylvania. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that obtaining a license to operate in the state is not that easy. Unibet-Casino-Online-Gambling-Cards-Chips-720-540 As such, there are many online casinos that are considered to be among the best online casinos in the world that refrain from operating in Pennsylvania. There are also some amazing websites that do, and in this article, we’ve picked the best online casino in Pennsylvania that you can play on right now. In any case, Pennsylvania is also the only American state in which you can wager online and buy lottery tickets without having to visit a local distributor to do so. It’s the most progressive state when it comes to online gambling laws, and even though it’s still a fairly new practice there, you can expect more online casinos to show up on the state as time goes by. In fact, Pennsylvania has only legalized online casinos very recently. Until 2018, most online casinos were not permitted to be visited by players in Pennsylvania, which discouraged the practice as people avoided getting in trouble with the authorities.

Online Gambling in Pennsylvania – An Ever-growing Practice

Most online casinos in Pennsylvania were introduced in 2019. The law that enabled online casinos to be visited in the state was just passed in July of that year, and the online casinos that operated in the state before that date were subjected to restrictions that didn’t allow players to report their winnings to authorities. In fact, online gambling was not legal before 2019. Some people in Pennsylvania played in online casinos but they did by using VPNs, and they used to risk getting caught by the authorities. However, now that online gambling has been legalized, there are over 10 online casinos that you can freely play in the state. Do keep in mind that not all of the online casinos in Pennsylvania are of the highest quality. We have picked one of them, which stands out as the best online casinos in Pennsylvania, so you can save yourself some time and avoid looking for a trustworthy online casino. The introduction of new online casinos in the state has also allowed people to play from other devices that aren’t their own computers. You can play from most iPhones and tablets thanks to the compatibility of these online casinos with most modern devices. Sites like Unibet allow players to freely wager their cash on any platform, and it makes for an endearing gambling experience.

When Was Online Gambling Legalized in Pennsylvania?

The bill which allowed online gambling to be legalized in the state was passed in 2017, when the Senate allowed online casino games as well as online poker and other traditional casino titles to be played in the state. Online-Gambling-US-Keyboard-US-Flag-726-350 You can see 2017 as the year where online gambling started to pave its way through the citizens of Pennsylvania. The online casinos that started showing up since then have obtained licenses to operate in the state, and even many new land-based casinos have been opened in many parts of PA. Online gambling is a pretty young practice in the country, and some online casinos have taken a couple of years to get licenses to operate in the state. However, the practice is sure to grow thanks to lenient taxations laws and a massive interest in the US public by most online casinos in the world.

Legal Deposits and Withdrawals in Pennsylvania

Most online casinos in Pennsylvania allow people to use a wide variety of payment and deposit methods when wagering on them. You should be able to use any payment method on any of these casinos without a problem, as they allow players from all over the state to deposit with the most popular payment methods available. Most online casinos in PA allow you to make regular deposits and bank transfers if you like, and credit card transactions have also become very popular in the recent history of online casinos. Not many of these sites allow PayPal or other e-wallet services yet, but you can expect that to be implemented as time goes by. In fact, maybe by the time you’re reading this article, your favorite online casino already accepts PayPal payments in PA! In any case, given that online gambling is fully legal in Pennsylvania, you will be able to report your income through gambling. This allows payments to be done directly to your accounts. Simply deposit using any available method and your money will be given to you promptly. It’s as simple as that.

Are Casino Games Legal in Pennsylvania?

All online casino games are fully legal in Pennsylvania. You can wager in the best online casinos in the state and hope to find the best games that they have to offer, as none of them are forbidden to be played by gamblers there. The most common type of gambling done in online casinos in PA is slots, as it is in many of America’s largest online casinos. In any case, they do offer a large selection of slot games and also allow people to choose whichever game they want, as most of these casinos also come packed with plenty of online casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and even bingo. The fact that you can choose whichever type of game you want bodes well for the future of online casinos in Pennsylvania. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned in our time as casino reviewers, that is that people love to have a variety of online casino games, and that variety is often correlated with loyalty. Online casinos have grown to understand this, and that’s why so many of them are promptly associating themselves with the world’s largest online casino developers. Sites like Unibet allow gamblers from Pennsylvania to wager in the best progressive jackpot slots as well as in many of the world’s best table games. You may also freely visit live dealer casinos in Pennsylvania, as these sites are fully legal within the state.

Online Casinos Pennsylvania

You won’t find too many online casinos in Pennsylvania yet, but give it a year – the whole state will be plagued with options of online casinos that will give you enough variety to fulfill the needs of any online gambler in the world. The best online casino in Pennsylvania is the Unibet casino, hands down. We have created this small review of the site to help you understand what to expect from it, but you may also visit our special web page in The Casino Wizard where we break down everything you need to know about the Unibet casino in a much more in-depth mane!

Unibet Casino

Unibet is one of the best online casinos in the US, but don’t take our short word for it – you can read our in-depth Unibet casino review to check out why this online casino ranks as one of the best online casinos in America, and it’s one of the most played online casinos in the world. Unibet-Casino-Review-Games-Online-App-800-400 [button link="" title="Play at Unibet Casino" id_casino="1378"] This casino belongs to the massive Unibet network, which is one of the largest gambling entities in the world, at least when it comes to online gambling per se. The casino itself hosts titles from the world’s best online casino providers, including the popular NetEnt games and some of the best titles made by Genesis and Microgaming. The Unibet casino holds a license by the government of Malta, but the casino is also freely operating in New Jersey and now in Pennsylvania as well. The site is host to some amazing online casino titles, many of which haven’t been played in the US before. This doesn’t only include slots (there are plenty of those, though) – there are countless online table games that you can play here. People have praised their roulette games in the past, and online roulette is one of the most popular types of games that you can play in online casinos. The best thing about the Unibet casino is that it’s home to the Mega Moolah slot game! This is one of the world’s best online progressive slots. In fact, it’s the jackpot game that has paid the most money in online casino history – players have reported winnings of over $5 million, and the jackpot is one of the easiest to get in the online casino industry. That doesn’t mean that it’s 100% easy, though, as Mega Moolah does require you to have a tremendous amount of luck if you wish to claim the entire jackpot. In any case, it’s one of the best games to try your luck!

Online Casino Bonuses in Pennsylvania

The Unibet casino welcome bonus is by far the best online casino bonus that any casino in Pennsylvania can offer. Many online casinos give away small bonuses and others simply don’t offer promotions that are worthwhile yet. We’re sure that they’ll come up with better deals as time goes by, but in the meantime, be sure to claim the amazing Unibet welcome bonus! Unibet-Casino-Welcome-Bonus-Cartoons-Casino-Page-900-600

Play at Unibet Casino

Just be aware that the Unibet casino has a few wagering requirements in place, which you might need to complete before claiming the bonus cash as your own. In any case, there are many other promotions in the Unibet casino – if you want to play in an online sportsbook, they also offer an amazing $25 bonus to every player that gets started on the site.

Unibet Casino Welcome Bonus – 200% Match Deposit Bonus Up to $200

Get welcomed into the world of online gambling in Pennsylvania with the amazing Unibet welcome bonus to get the best rewards that the site has to offer. The wagering requirements of this offer are very low considering how much money you can get out of it – you only need to wager the money a total of 35 times before you can withdraw it from the site. The Unibet casino does recommend using the match deposit bonus cash within a week of obtaining it. In any case, that gives you more than enough time to completely fulfill the requirements of the offer. The Unibet casino is also certified to be one of the best and fairest online casinos in the industry, which means that any online game that you choose to play is guaranteed to be fair and your bonus cash is sure to be given to you at the end of the offer.

Play at Unibet Casino

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